Benefits of Muskmelon in Pregnancy

Muskmelon in pregnancy

Muskmelons are filled with nutrients needed for correct growth and development of the baby in your womb. However do you understand if it is safe to eat muskmelon during pregnancy? Learn the advantages or other side effects of eating muskmelon on a pregnant woman.

Mostly readily available in the summer months, muskmelon is understood not simply for its taste however for its nutritious values too.

Inning accordance with the USDA, pregnant women must take in two cups of fruit every day. So, what better way to satisfy that than eating muskmelon?

Consult your doctor prior to consisting of the fruit in your diet. is here to discuss another seasonal fruit. We’ll tell you if you can eat muskmelon when you are pregnant, how good or bad it can be and the most safe way to eat the fruit.

Nutrition Facts for Muskmelon

Muskmelons include the most essential components essential for the growth of your fetus. We advise you to add a decent amount of muskmelon in your weekly diet due to the fact that 100 grams of muskmelon offers you with the following nutrition:

Nutrition Facts 
Serving Size100 g
Calories from Fat1.7
Total Fat0.19g
Saturated Fat0.05g
Trans Fat
Total Carbohydrate8.16g
Dietary Fiber0.9g
Total Sugars7.86g
Vitamin A3382IU
Vitamin B60.07cg
Vitamin B120mcg
Vitamin C36.7mg
Vitamin D0IU
Vitamin E0.05mg
Vitamin K2.5mcg
Choline Total2.72mg
Folate Total21mcg
Niacin (B3)0.73mg
Pantothenic Acid (B5)0.11mg
Riboflavin (B2)0.02mg
Thiamin (B1)0.04mg

Is it Safe to Eat Muskmelon During Pregnancy?

Muskmelon in pregnancy

Yes, you can eat muskmelon but in moderation. They are incredibly useful during pregnancy and supply the best of nutrients while dealing with the taste buds.Moderate in calorie count and high in nutritional worth, muskmelon is good for pregnant women. These are among the to-be-eaten fruits for the growth and development of your baby.

However, do not be shocked if your doctor informs you to prevent the fruit, as it might consist of listeria bacteria on the exterior. It is safe as long as you peel the external cover, cut, slice and eat the within pulp thoroughly.

So, why did we classify this fruit as ‘to-be-eaten’?  If you are asking, “How are these nutrients going to be useful to me?”, then here is the answer.

Benefits of Muskmelon in Pregnancy

The nutritional value of muskmelon is tremendous. It balance fluids and electrolytes within the body and handle the body’s heat. The super benefits of having muskmelon are:

Boosts Baby’s Cognitive Development

Vitamin A is important for the growing fetus to establish healthy cognitive functions and fend off any genetic impairments.

It supports the growth of your baby’s heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes and bones. Muskmelon includes a great quantity of vitamin A. Being rich in folic acid, it also helps avoid neural tube flaws.

Helps in Formation of Healthy Bones and Teeth

The calcium content in muskmelons helps in forming healthy bone and tooth structures in your baby. Calcium is crucial for both mother and child during pregnancy.

Prevents Pregnancy Anemia

The quantity of iron in muskmelon helps in the healthy production of hemoglobin. A good count of red blood cells prevents anemia in pregnant women. It likewise enhances the blood flow through the uterine cavity with enough oxygen for the baby.

Phosphorus Causes Muscle Contractions

Phosphorus is vital for active contraction during labor. It also helps in blood clot, kidney function, nerve conduction, tissue repair work and heart function.

Anticoagulant Property

Muskmelons consist of plentiful anticoagulants, otherwise called blood thinners, which prevent the development of blood clots. The clots pose the risk of capillary clog, kidney failure, and heart stroke in moms. Muskmelon has the right amount of anticoagulants.

Battles Typical Infections

Vitamin C helps you to battle those annoying minor infections such as a cough, cold and flu during pregnancy. This vitamin is also necessary for the growing baby to develop a healthy immune system.

Drinking muskmelon juice renews vitamin C in the body. Also, carotenoids (beta-carotene and lycopene) present in muskmelons enhance the body immune system of both the mom and the baby by fighting various dangerous conditions such as cancer.

Treats Constipation

The high water content in muskmelons avoids fluid and electrolyte loss from the body. Its coolant property manages the heat produced inside the body and hence offers remedy for constipation, which is a major concern during pregnancy.

Vitamin B1 Deals with Different Concerns

Thiamine or vitamin B1 helps in the healthy development of main nerve system in your baby while combating numerous prenatal concerns.

The vitamin likewise helps control the severe sense of queasiness and early morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is likewise crucial for enhancing the quality of breast milk after delivery.

Controls Blood Pressure Levels

Potassium in muskmelon controls the ever-changing blood pressure levels through the course of pregnancy.

Suitable for Obese Pregnant Women

Obese during pregnancy might position a high risk of miscarriage, preterm labor, and hypertension. Calories in muskmelon are negligible, so it is an excellent alternative for fatty foods. It is a fat and cholesterol-free substitute.

Aids in Food Digestion

Muskmelon help in the food digestion of the food you take. It helps you stay away from heartburn, level of acidity, gas formation or any other digestive problem.

Muskmelon Seeds


Apart from the fleshy pastel fruit, muskmelon seeds, too, are good for health.Fight intestinal worms: Crushed seeds eliminate the intestinal tract worms and eliminate the excess phlegm from your body.

Deals remedy for stress: Juice made from muskmelon seeds keeps your mind free from stress. Also, the paste of seeds can be used to the forehead for relief from stress.

Any Side Effects Of Eating Muskmelon In Pregnancy?

Muskmelon does not posture any side effects or allergic reactions unless you consume a pesticide-ridden fruit.

The only factor for the fruit to be “kept away when pregnant” is because of the bacterium listeria. In the year 2011, the United States experienced a dreadful listeria outbreak, and it was discovered that muskmelon was the source of the infection.

There are chances for the bacteria to participate in the fruit when cut, and can initialize the infection in pregnant women. If affected, listeria might result in stillbirth, preterm labor, and miscarriage.

Then, what is the proper way to eat the fruit?

Safe Method to Take Muskmelons

The fruit must be washed before you take in. It would help in washing off food-borne diseases such as listeriosis and toxoplasmosis.

Scrub and wash the skins prior to cutting the fruit. Likewise, clean your hands after dealing with the melons. When cut, eat the fruit instantly, and prevent refrigeration for a long period.

Muskmelon can be consumed as it is or used in salads, puddings, and milkshakes. Benefits of melon are lots of, but an infected one could be unsafe. Consult your doctor prior to consisting of the fruit in your diet.

Did you have muskmelon when pregnant? Share your experiences in the remark area.

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