Is Cabbage Juice Good for You?

Cabbage juice and peppermint

If you wish to take utmost care of your health, nothing can be much better than cabbage juice. It is considered as a ‘superfood’ for its remarkable medicinal properties. And at, we are constantly here to assist.

The appeal of cabbage juice lies not in its taste, which is rather bitter, however in the numerous health advantages you can derive from consuming it.

Is Cabbage Juice Good for You?

Yes! A member of the healthy cruciferous family of vegetables that likewise consists of broccoli and cauliflower, cabbage consists of a wealth of micronutrients along with a wide array of phytochemicals with a likewise broad range of medical properties. Have a look at some of cabbage juice health advantages here:

Cabbage Juice Nutrition Facts

Cabbage Juice
Nutrition Facts 
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
vitamin B1
vitamin B2
vitamin B3
vitamin B5
vitamin B9
Fatty Acids ǀ
Fatty Acids ǀǀ

Cancer-Fighting Compounds

Cabbage juice good for youRaw cabbage is extremely anti-carcinogenic. According to medical professionals, the juice of raw green cabbage contains isocyanates, a group of chemical compounds which speed up the process of estrogen metabolism in your body and help to keep away from breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer. It also accelerates the recovery process in cancer patients.

Consult your doctor before self-treating with cabbage juice.

Deals with Colitis

Cabbage works as a fantastic bowel cleanser and thus, cabbage juice is used for treating colitis. It holds two vital minerals– chlorine and sulphur, which work in treating inflammation of large intestinal tract and colon.

You would experience an undesirable, nasty gas right after drinking the juice. This is necessary as it indicates that the remedy has actually begun working for you.

Help Weight Loss

Are you trying hard to get rid of those extra kilos? You need to select raw cabbage juice as it is an exceptional natural treatment for weight problems.

Generally, it purifies the upper section of your intestinal tract so that the elimination of waste products becomes simple and the food digestion of food gets helped with. Moreover, it does not include many calories, which is likewise a big plus for overweight people.

Cabbage juice and peppermintPrevent Intense Ulcers

Intense ulcers can likewise be treated with cabbage juice. As stated formerly, it helps you take great care of your intestine and upper bowel by cleansing them.

At the same time, it likewise includes a big quantity of Vitamin U (commonly referred to as ‘cabbagen’), which is capable of strengthening the inner layer of your stomach and making it resistant to ulcers.

Help Battle Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory property of cabbage juice is also extremely advantageous. Raw cabbage is known to have certain necessary amino acids, which can help you combat versus skin inflammation.

Fights Anemia

Folic acid is among the most vital constituents of cabbage juice. When it concerns treating anemia, folic acid is thought about as an essential nutrient as it helps construct new blood cells. Therefore, cabbage juice is likewise used for curing anemia.

Advantages of Cabbage Juice for Skin

No matter how much your skin has actually been damaged, you can constantly count on cabbage juice for restoring its natural radiance.

High Levels of Anti-oxidants

Being a vegetable packed with anti-oxidants and phytochemicals, cabbage can do question for your skin. Both of these help you fight hazardous free radicals which cause a number of skin conditions like acne, pimples and blackheads. Additionally, it is full of Vitamin C, which speeds up the procedure to a fantastic degree.

Avoids Premature Aging

Antioxidant content of this juice is extremely helpful in decreasing dryness of skin along with avoiding premature aging. So, use cabbage juice in your routine face mask and see how fast your wrinkles vanish.

Enhances Skin Glow

Cabbage is likewise extensively used for enhancing the tone and texture of skin. Apart from potassium, which is very useful for cleansing your body and making your skin tone fairer, this veggie is also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E. These two vitamins can invigorate the tissues and help you look reasonable, soft and flexible substantially.

Benefits of Cabbage Juice for Hair

Do you understand that you can use cabbage juice for your hair care too? There are several aspects present in this juice which can supply proper nourishment to your tresses.

The high sulphur content of cabbage is really handy in making your hair more powerful and preventing loss of hair. It is among the most efficient ways to stop hair fall and handle weak hair. You can drink raw cabbage juice everyday in the early morning or include it in your hair mask for external use.

Apart from reducing frequent hair fall, cabbage juice can also promote hair growth by nourishing the roots correctly. As it contains Vitamin E and silicon, the regular consumption of this juice can likewise make your hairs long and shiny.

Cabbage juice is not only nutritious, however likewise really low in calories. It is a very rich source of vitamins, manganese, calcium, etc.

Side Effects of Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice produces no significant side effects, although some users note an increase in digestive tract gas. If this presents an issue, water down the cabbage juice with water on a ratio of a couple of parts water for each four parts of juice.

You likewise can make the juice more tasty by juicing an apple or 2 carrots along with the cabbage.

Some Crucial Tips

  • Constantly wash cabbage thoroughly and take in saline water for about 30mins.
  • Use fresh Cabbage juice for best results.
  • Do not drink more than 4oz of cabbage juice at a time.
  • Prevent limp cabbages. Ensure its head is firm.
  • Never ever store Cabbage juice in a fridge.
  • Don’t add salt or sugar to cabbage juice, as it may reduce its effect.

In a nutshell, cabbage juice can have a total healing effect on your body. So, simply begin consuming it today and discover a brand-new you! Always remember to leave us a comment.

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