Can Nitrates Cause Headaches?

Hot dogs and headaches

Migraines are a regrettably typical event for many women. Even less cool is that professionals still have no idea quite about why they occur or even how they happen. According to brand-new research, however, one possible cause of migraines may be bacteria in your mouth.

For the study, released online today in the journal mSystems, scientists used information from the American Gut Project to evaluate 172 samples of bacteria drawn from participants’ mouths– and 1,996 drawn from their poop. All individuals had actually previously taken a survey about any health problems, consisting of migraines.

They discovered a few substantial differences in between the bacteria from participants with migraines and those without– and the greatest differences were in fact in the bacteria that originated from their mouths.

Hot dogs and headachesParticularly, people with migraines had the tendency to have more bacteria that process nitrates, compounds discovered in numerous foods (e.g. leafy vegetables and processed meats). Usually, those nitrates eventually get turned into nitric oxide — which can be good for your heart health, however which has actually also previously been connected to migraines. So, if migraine patients have more nitrate-processing bacteria, those might be sustaining the creation of more nitric oxide and activating those hellish headaches.

If you’re familiar with the agonizing pain of a migraine, you are most likely motivated to determine aspects that increase your chances of experiencing a migraine attack. Numerous things can set off a migraine in susceptible individuals, depending on their special sensitivities. Whatever from stress, high elevation, absence of sleep and avoiding meals can set off a migraine. Substances in your diet, such as nitrates, can also activate a migraine attack.

Can Nitrates Cause Headaches?

In basic, any food has the potential to set off migraines in vulnerable individuals. However, nitrates and nitrites are more closely linked to activating migraines than other substances. Nitrates are found naturally in specific vegetables, such as collard greens, broccoli and root vegetables, and nitrites are usually used to maintain processed meat.

Conclusive medical data is doing not have, however migraine patients have reported a level of sensitivity to nitrites, according to Texas Neurology. Because the body can transform nitrates to nitrites, both substances may pose an issue for migraine victims.

How Nitrates May Trigger Migraines

The body produces nitric oxide, which is a gas that expands capillary. Nitrates increase the production of nitric oxide, and the result appears to set off migraines in sensitive individuals, according to a research study published in the June 2010 issue of the journal “Cephelalgia.” The research study found that nitric oxide stress preceded migraines in patients.

Nitric oxide stress happens when there’s an imbalance in the body’s capability to reduce the effects of free radicals that result from the production of nitric oxide. Free radicals are unsteady molecules that can harm cells. This information suggests that eating high-nitrate foods may set off a migraine by increasing nitric oxide and thus raising the potential for nitrogen oxide stress in prone individuals.

Nitrate-Rich Foods

The level of nitrates required to activate a migraine headache varies amongst vulnerable people. Because nitrates are used to maintain food and remedy meats, they are discovered in processed meats such as hot dogs, sausages and lunch meat. Nevertheless, veggies contain varying levels of nitrates as well. Beets, celery, lettuce, radishes and spinach supply the most nitrates in the common diet.

If you presume nitrates are activating your migraines, talk to your doctor about the best way to reduce your nitrate intake. Your physician can prescribe a removal diet developed to determine how much nitrate you can endure and from which sources. Preventing processed and cured meats can help lower your exposure.

Nevertheless, some nitrate-containing foods, such as veggies, are otherwise healthy. You may discover that you have to restrict certain vegetables. Buying natural fruit and vegetables might even more reduce your nitrate direct exposure. Organic veggies are generally lower in nitrates than conventionally grown veggies.


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