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Is there a particular diet that an individual needs to have when they are to have an enema? Are there particular enemas that require a person to have a special diet prior to it is administered?

Diet for Enema

When an individual is set up to have a barium enema, he is frequently recommended to not eat anything for a period of 12 hours prior to the administration of the barium enema. For other enema types, people are advised not to eat anything an hour prior to the procedure.

Considering that an enema might lower an individual’s blood sugar level after the procedure, taking something after to raise your sugar levels a bit is recommended.

Attempt not to eat excessive or a lot prior to you have an enema. Even when you are doing the enema yourself, considering that you will have to massage your abdomen when you remain in the procedure of doing this cleansing method, eating little or lightly is a good idea.

After having an enema, eat gently also. Do not eat foods that are bound to cause you specific problems with digestion instantly after your enema. Salads, vegetable soups, and other light options like fruit juices and vegetable juices may be taken a few hours approximately after an enema.

Can I Eat Food After an Enema?

If there is no medical factor not to eat then you can usually speaking. You might not feel like eating however as an enema can sap your energy depending upon bowel size and length of time it requires to complete.

Saline or water enemas are more mild then chemical ones however the cramping while you hold the fluid in and let it work can be intense. State if you’re truly supported and constipated for example. You should probably let your gut calm down prior to eating, but if you wish to you can.

Now if you’re in the medical facility you need to check with the doctor first, they will notify you if it’s ok or not. Some medical tests require you to abstain from eating for a length of time.

If you are bloating, having pain, or some type of obstruction or bowel/intestine/colon concern then no. Doctors in those cases need you not to eat, even if a enema offers you relief. This is usually in experience so they can clear you of stool.

If you were a little constipated and did a home enema; then if there is no discomfort or pain later it need to be safe to eat. However I advise waiting 20– 30 minutes to let things settle.

Diet After Enema FAQ

What about children and enemas?

All of us like our children quite and want the best for them. When we are faced with a constipated child, it is often puzzling to figure out what to do.

For instance, moving the bowels on a regular basis is important to ideal health and often services in the realm of alternative health do work, however your child begins shrieking anytime you mention an enema. Or, you have a constipated baby, moving her bowels less than as soon as a day and you are frightened at the idea of offering her an enema.

You have to take a look at it as a long-term task and be unwinded and warm. Best is to talk to your doctor, naturopath or holistic colon hydrotherapist.

If I suffer from constipation, will an enema help me?

Constipation can almost always be effectively treated with natural, harmless strategies, consisting of using enemas and colonics.

Frequently, however, since the colon has actually been slow for so long, it has ended up being seriously damaged due to being constantly bathed in poisonous waste, extended from holding excessive quantity of stools, or often, constricted by chronic tension in the colon. Enemas in this case can be valuable if it is a short term problem.

For chronic constipation I recommend a few sessions of colon hydrotherapy in mix with the right herbs first, as it is exceptional for cleaning and healing the colon sufficiently so that changes in diet, workout, and attitude are then able to produce their results. Many people discover the relief offered by this stimulates the motivation to set up positive changes in their lifestyle.

Enema Side Effects

Mild Side Effects

A few of the typical mild side effects related to colon cleansing include diarrhea, dehydration, tiredness and in many cases, allergies to the ingredients included in cleanse products. Cleanse products that contain the herb, senna, may cause diarrhea.

Diarrhea upsets your body’s electrolyte balance. Long-term electrolyte imbalance and mineral loss can result in severe health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and in rare cases, death.

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Senna may also interfere with your body’s capability to take in water, leading to dehydration. This will further intensify the electrolyte imbalances caused by diarrhea. If you establish symptoms such as swelling, hives or problem breathing, you ought to right away discontinue use of the product.

Severe Side Effects

A few of the unfavorable side effects of colon hydrotherapy and enema are more severe. They include the risk of perforation, or puncturing or tearing, of the digestive tract wall and subsequent infection.

During the procedure of colon hydrotherapy, water is infused into the colon through the anus several times and a colon hydrotherapist uses light massage to assist separate waste product. This procedure needs to be carried out under the supervision of an experienced hydrotherapist.

Enemas likewise present water into the colon through the rectum, however it is a less extensive clean and can be done by you at home. Both treatments carry the risk of severe side effects connected to incorrect administration and malfunctioning equipment.

The instruments used need to be decontaminated and placed effectively to avoid injury. Tearing of the anal tissue or a puncture of the intestinal wall is painful. Additionally, if infection develops in the damaged tissue, you might end up being ill and possibly die.


Dependence to enemas and clean products is another side effect of colon cleaning. Enemas are not indicated to change your body’s natural capability to eliminate waste products. It is very important that you not become depending on them to move your bowels, as this will jeopardize your health. Similarly, it is possible to establish a dependency to the herb, senna. You should thoroughly monitor your body’s response to clean procedures and products.

An enema bag

Few Questions

I am concerned about the process of not having enemas. If enemas are given frequently, the colon may stop functioning on its own. Question: Are enemas habit-forming?

The enema is a tool meant to be used to create a tidy and healthy colon. You need to set an objective of having a well-functioning colon. Your fulfilment comes from helping yourself in recovery your colon, not in making yourself reliant upon enemas.

In fact, among its features is that an enema (if done properly!) can be used to tonify the colon muscle so that the colon does not carry out so sluggishly. Lots of people have sluggish colons. It can take often days for bowel movements to return after an excellent enema.

A great enema can be worth 2 or 3 regular defecation, so it may take a while for faecal product to develop in the colon when again if one has a sluggish colon.

When the colon is slow and bowel movements do not return for a few days after one enema, it is an indication that comprehensive colon work is needed to remove the debris that the bowel has built up for many years. This develop of faecal material has actually reduced the muscular action in the colon.

Obviously like with whatever you can overdo it, specifically if you use the enema ‘instead of’ your regular bowl movement. If you have Enemas for a few months every day prior to you have your own motion your body will end up being lazy, seeing that you do all the work for him.

Dietary changes are often necessary to ensure long-term and important health.

Important: Never let the Enema replace a bowel movement. Enemas should be kept to a minimum and used only for brief periods.

They are not suggested to change a healthy defecation and prolonged use will make the colon lazy since of the larger quantity of water and the strain that sometimes is needed to hold the water in.

How typically should I clean my colon or take an enema?

This is a concern that can only be answered on a specific basis. You are a distinct person with distinct needs. In order to address this concern, one must look at their health and lifestyle history, their diet, their objectives, their economic circumstance, and their present lifestyle.

Remember, enemas are not intended to change your bowel movements. You want your bowel to do the work.

When your system becomes cleaner you get a restored sense of how you should feel, which will help you to understand for yourself how typically you need to clean your colon.

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