Diet During Fourth Month of Pregnancy

Diet during 4rth month of pregnancy

In addition to eating regularly, you likewise have to eat right, as whatever you eat now will play a significant function in your baby’s development. This is why it is essential that you include healthy foods 4th month of pregnancy diet to be in shape for the birth, in addition to deal the right amount of nutrition for your unborn child.

The 2nd trimester is a gorgeous time and individuals call it the pregnancy honeymoon period. Chances are that by now all that frustrating queasiness, vomiting, headache, drowsiness, bloating and peeing will go away.

You will now feel more active, energetic and less nervous; it is during this wonderful trimester that you will begin to feel the baby’s movements. Think me, absolutely nothing on earth beats that sensation! To completion of the 2nd trimester, your belly will likewise start revealing and people’s attention will when again be focused on your well-being.

What to Eat?

What’s happening with the baby? The objective of the 2nd trimester is growth. By the 4th month of pregnancy, your baby is completely formed. Every organ, including brain, kidneys, spinal cord, eyes, toes, fingers, lungs and heart, is formed and fully practical.

The body strives to calcify the baby’s bones and to fine tune all the organs. Therefore, your 4th month of pregnancy diet needs to be more growth promoting and nurturing. Here are some diet do’s and don’ts for your 4th month of pregnancy.

Here is a strategy you can follow during the 4th month of pregnancy diet.

Fruits & Berries

Fresh fruits are a need to throughout pregnancy as they have loads of minerals and vitamins; plus, they are high in water content and/or fiber. The reason that fresh fruits is the lack of preservatives and food additive representatives.

The fourth month of pregnancy might activate acidity and heartburn. For that reason, fresh seasonal fruits of various colors should be an integral part of your diet in 4th month of pregnancy.


High Fiber

This is the best time for you to start developing a foundation for freedom from constipation in the later part of pregnancy and also after delivery.

Make sure you include lots of fiber in your 4th month pregnancy diet and that too, in each meal. High fiber foods like entire grains, oats and green veggies. Select iron fortified entire wheat bread instead of routine white bread.

Essential Fatty Acids

Besides other things, the baby and your body require these acids to lower the risk of premature labor, low birth weight and mental and cognitive retardation in the baby.

Make sure that your diet includes sufficient quantities of Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids by taking foods like fresh water fish, tinned tuna, nuts and olive oil.

Dairy Products

Your body, and the baby’s, still requires increasing quantities of calcium. Your doctor will most likely recommend you a vitamin D and calcium tablet on going into the fourth month of pregnancy.

Yogurt with lime and nuts

You can help your baby establish stronger bones by including at least one liter on milk products each day. Have 2 glasses of milk or 500 gm of curd or 200 gm of paneer. These function as excellent supplements to your calcium medication.


If your queasiness is gone, you can include meat in your diet; but do ensure it is washed and prepared really thoroughly. Undercooked meat might bring deadly viruses and bacteria.

If you are lured to eat out, order roasted meat as it is sure to be cooked through and through.

Iron-Rich Foods

The growth spurt of the fetus starting from the fourth month requires more iron. In addition, your body likewise has to make 3-6 additional liters of blood for your pregnancy.

An iron-rich diet helps you by making more blood and the baby by aiding much better growth. Include foods like nuts, eggs, dried fruits and entire wheat products to your diet. Also, consult your doctor before beginning any iron supplements.

What to Avoid?

Though the vital first trimester is over and you can now eagerly anticipate your baby and its shenanigans, there are still some preventative measures & foods that need to be prevented in your 4th month of pregnancy diet to guarantee the safety of the baby.


Don’t consume alcohol!! Alcohol is harmful for health!!! Drinking during pregnancy cause hereditary flaws in the baby!!! Examples of diseases: hare lip, down syndrome and others!


Tobacco: Don’t smoke!!! It is dangerous during pregnancy. If you are a smoker or if you chew tobacco, it is necessary that you give it up not only in the 4th month pregnancy diet however throughout your pregnancy and life. Your child’s development and growth can be negatively affected if you take tobacco.

The damage done to your baby can be permanent, even fatal, when you smoke or drink during pregnancy (and before pregnancy).

Soft Cheese

Frequently these cheeses are made from unpasteurized milk and may harbor harmful bacteria and viruses. Therefore, avoid soft cheeses of all kinds. You can constantly select foods including hard cheese as it has low water content. The low water content makes it less vulnerable to disease causing microbes.

Sea Fish

As much as possible, prevent sea fish as they are packed with methylmercury, a substance that can cause psychological retardation in the fetus. If you can not do without fish, choose fresh water varieties.

Street Food

Though it looks very tempting during your food cravings, street food should be steered clear of. There is no warranty of the tidiness and freshness of the foods and the containers.

Street food can cause food poisoning and other water-borne illness like typhoid.

Excess of Dried Fruits

Though a cup of dried fruits is good for you, prevent taking too many dried fruits during the fourth month of pregnancy. They are really abundant and warm in essence, and for some women, can cause untimely contractions.


This otherwise fantastic herb can ruin the pregnancy by triggering contractions. For that reason prevent licorice and licorice extracts, and remember that some candies, tooth pastes and Indian gravies likewise consist of licorice.

The fourth month of pregnancy is a fantastic time to experience. There are so many new things going on with your body and attitude that this change appears nearly wonderful. Do take these safety measures, however at the same time– enjoy your pregnancy!

Diet Tips

Apart from these foods, you have to also prevent taking any over-the-counter medication. If you have a condition that requires you to take medication, consult your doctor and find if it is safe to be taken while you are pregnant.

Just the medications and supplements recommended by your doctor must be taken and it is of utmost worth to discover if other medications you are taking are safe for your baby. Make sure you make it very clear to your doctor that you are pregnant.

Eating a well balanced diet and using your body and your baby with all the essential nutrients needed ought to be your primary objective. When you ensure that what you take in daily is healthy and helpful for your baby’s development and growth, you guarantee that your baby matures to be a bouncing, healthy baby!

Stay healthy and take care of yourself in addition to your baby. A healthy mama supplies a healthy baby, so remember your health is of utmost value too!

Month 4 of pregnancy is whatever about prepping yourself to be a mommy!

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