Foods To Avoid During Periods


Throughout menstruation, due to the fact that of the intolerable pain, many females start to take pain relievers. Nevertheless, taking the pills monthly is not safe, as they can have long-lasting adverse effects.

However do you understand that simply by avoiding particular food, you can beat your periods discomfort? Yes, specific foods are thought about ‘bad’ for durations discomfort. So, tick these off your diet plan, especially during that time of the month, to battle periods pain better.

Salty Food

When you are menstruating, even if you are lured, avoid consuming foods like chips, namkeens, savouries, etc. Prevent all types of jam-packed food as it includes a lot of sodium. By lowering these foods, you make sure to see some enhancements in your Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Why you must not consume: Periods are typically accompanied by bloating due to water retention. Reducing salted foods help in reducing bloating.

Fine-Tuned Flour (maida)

If you enjoy pizzas, pastas, white breads and parathas, give these foods a miss out on throughout your durations.

Why you must not consume: Fine-tuned flours like maida triggers irregularity and gas in the stomach which lead to indigestion. As the nutrients are removed from fine-tuned grains like white rice, maida, these can trigger fluctuation in the blood glucose level too.

Sweet Food

Have you noticed that your yearnings for all things sweet boosts during your durations? Prevent sweets and other sweet beverages during your durations.

Why you must not consume: Sugary food imbalances the blood sugar level throughout durations. Such changes result in mood swings and stress. Sugar in the food also increases the seriousness of stomach cramps, making you feel tired.

Fried Food

Deep-fried food like bajjis, pakodas and french fries should be avoided when you are having your durations. Likewise avoid heavy food like red meat, whole-milk dairy items. Foods which are high in fats can cause inflammation in the body which in turn increases the risks of PMS signs like cramps, neck and back pain, and so on.

Why you must not consume: Saturated fats and the trans-fat present in fried and fatty food contribute to durations pain and signs like inflammation in breasts. Also, foods which are high in fats can cause inflammation in the body which in turn increase the dangers of PMS signs like cramps, pain in the back, etc.

Extreme Coffee And Tea

Do you often drink many cups of coffee or tea to manage uneasy menstrual symptoms? If yes, try to cut down on the number of cups of coffee.

Why you must not consume: The caffeine in coffee and tea is known to increase pain from cramps. The dairy intake throughout periods days must be limited too. If you need to drink, have some black coffee or black tea without milk. Otherwise try the reassuring herbal tea like ginger tea, chamomile tea, etc.

Fizzy Beverage

Avoid carbonated beverages if you struggle with durations discomforts.

Why you must not consume: It results in bloating and the sugarcoated in these carbonated beverages increases abdominal cramps.

Processed Food

If you consume pickle with every meal of the day, avoid it during your durations days. Processed food like pickles, immediate noodles, papads, canned and frozen foods must be avoided during periods.

Why you must not consume: As your hormones change throughout periods, processed food can make it worse. Active ingredients present in processed food do not match hormone balance throughout durations.

With some attention to diet plan, light exercise and a good night’s sleep you can handle your periods discomfort better. Make the ideal food options to assist relieve the pain of periods as food can make a substantial difference in how you feel throughout those days. Ensure to likewise keep correct hygiene during durations.

Ali Gadimov
Diet Expert