How to Eat Sweets Without Gaining Weight

Eat sweets without gaining weight

Is it possible to eat sweets and not get fat? Believe me, Yes! Of course, such consumption of cakes, ice cream and other sweets has its own restrictions and rules. I will tell you about them in this article.

I will immediately note that we are not talking about sweets with sugar substitutes. Although, if you have added such sweets to your diet, you should not give them up. But now I will tell you how to eat desserts minimizing the risk of gaining weight.

Size Matters

Eat a little. Yes, you should know the measure in any case, and when eating sweets-even more so. So learn to limit yourself to one cake at a time, a modest portion of ice cream, a small chocolate bar. This is not so bad, because you can take a more expensive copy, more delicious, although smaller in size. Smaller, but tastier – that’s your rule!

Eat Ice-Creams and Avoid Gaining Extra Weight
Eat Ice-Creams and Avoid Gaining Extra Weight

Sweets at the Right Time

Our body, by the grace of Allah, seeks to replenish energy from the first product that enters the esophagus at the time of hunger. Therefore, I advise you not to try to eat or drown out your hunger with cakes, chocolate or cookies. It will be much better if you eat something from soups, vegetables, a piece of diet meat or fish before dessert. And then eat some yummy food.

Remember: you should not eat sweets on an empty stomach, but you should also not eat enough before a cake or ice cream. Just satisfy your hunger, take a 5-15 minute break, and then eat your dessert.

Reyus Mammadli, Healthy Diet Advisor

For the body, this option will not cause you to gain extra weight from consumed sweets.

Compensate For The Calories You Eat

We do not encourage you to count the calories in every piece of chocolate or cake, but the point is that if you want to consume sweets every day and still keep your weight at the same level, you will have to sweat.

These can be simple and easy exercises if you don’t have cardio equipment. It is enough to do a squat and the abs pumping to release into energy what the body is trying to collect from food. In total, it will take no more than 10-15 minutes, but you will definitely like the effect.

Cookies and Weight Control
Cookies and Weight Control

Weight Control

To eat sweets and not get fat, you need to know your rate of sweets, which you can” safely ” consume for a long time without fear of gaining weight. Weight control will help you with this. I advise you to weigh yourself daily on an empty stomach in the morning. If you are normal, then today you deserve a portion of sweetness. If you have an extra half-pound (100-200 grams), then take a break. Work on losing this weight to try the Goodies again.


Of course, every organism is different. And you will have to choose your diet and your dose of sweets according to the reaction of your body. But, after all, you want to eat sweets and do not want to get fat? Here are some simple methods. Go for it!

Reyus Mammadli

As a healthy lifestyle blogger for over 10 years, I couldn't pass up healthy eating and diet reviews. I prefer to write small, understandable articles and guides for visitors, to answer the question clearly and concisely and to give the reader a starting point for further actions to improve their diet and health in general.

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