What Foods Can Cause Your Breasts to Stop Producing Milk?

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Breastfeeding is an essential part of a newborn’s life. The bond that forms between mother and child and the nutrients that baby receives are irreplaceable. However, some mothers may experience a decrease in their milk supply and wonder what could be causing this disruption. Some potential culprits are certain food items that could be included in their daily diet.

1. Parsley and Peppermint:

Commonly used as garnishing or in teas, Parsley and Peppermint might be playing a role in reducing milk production. They contain natural substances which can decrease breast milk supply when consumed in large quantities.

2. Caffeine:

While moderate caffeine consumption is likely not harmful for breastfeeding moms, an overload of caffeine can lead to a decrease in milk supply. Caffeine is found in various foods and beverages like coffee, tea, chocolate, and even some medicines.

3. Sage, Menthol, and Oregano:

These herbs, when consumed in large quantities, can have a slight drying effect, leading to decreased milk production. They are typically not a concern when used in normal cooking, but pay attention if they are a major part of your diet.

4. High-fat Dairy Products:

Some research suggests that consuming high-fat dairy products can potentially lead to decreased milk production. However, this can be highly individual and may not affect all breastfeeding women alike.

5. Certain Types of Fish:

Some fish, especially those high in mercury, can affect not only the quantity but also the quality of the breast milk. It is advisable for breastfeeding mothers to limit their consumption of such fish.

Please note: This information is not intended as medical advice. Always consult a healthcare provider for nutrition and diet advice related to breastfeeding.

Possible FoodEffect on Milk Production
Parsley and PeppermintMay decrease, if consumed in large amounts
CaffeineCan decrease milk supply with high intake
Sage, Menthol, OreganoHave a potential drying effect
High-fat Dairy ProductsPotentially reduce milk production
Certain FishMay affect the quantity and quality of milk

In conclusion, paying attention to one’s diet is crucial for breastfeeding mothers. Understanding the potential impact of various food items can help to ensure that your baby gets an optimal supply of breast milk. 

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