Pros and Cons of Drinking Coconut Water

Pros and cons of drinking coconut water

The fresher the coconut water, the better it is for you. As soon as exposed to air and warm temperature levels, it quickly ferments and loses its nutritional worth.

Coconut water is not water with coconut taste included. It’s the clear fluid inside the coconut, not to be puzzled with coconut milk, which is an emulsion of coconut water and fresh grated coconut. So coconut water is a type of juice.

Pros of Drinking Coconut Water

Unlike other juices, unflavored coconut water is low in sugar and calories. Ounce for ounce, normal fruit juices have two times as many calories as unflavored coconut water.

Heart Health

Rich in potassium, anti-oxidants and lauric acid, cytokinins are stated to stabilize pH levels, strengthen and hydrate connective tissues as well as reduce the risk of age-related illness.

Some research reveals that coconut water can enhance blood flow, lower elevated blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes.

Pros and cons of drinking coconut waterIt Helps in Treats Constipation

Coconut water can be great for digestive and urinary health. It has actually been used in the tropics to treat stomach flu, dysentery, indigestion, constipation, digestive worms, bladder infections and malfunctioning kidneys.

Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

It’s a natural diuretic and is stated to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and kidney stones. Research found drinking coconut water as much as 3 times a week might reduce stone size and the need for surgery.

Reduced Cholesterol

It has actually also been declared that coconut water can help increase HDL (excellent) cholesterol, reduces plaque development, moderates sugar absorption and improves insulin level of sensitivity.

Cons of Drinking Coconut Water

If you have nut allergic reactions, contact your GP and prevent coconut water if you have heart disease, kidney disease or are on a low-potassium diet. Control your potassium levels if you take in coconut water and potassium supplements, as too much potassium can impact on the heart.

However, to my surprise, I came across a few disadvantages of coconut water. Yes, you check out that right. Coconut water has got particular disadvantages if you happen to consume it in excess.

Ups Your Calories

Now that’s something very undesirable, isn’t it? While the rest of the world is sweating out to decrease calories, I do not believe you would wish to do something opposite.

Though coconut water does not include as much sugar as many sports beverages and fruit juices, it does include a bit too any calories. Just 11 ounces of coconut water can include upto 60 calories.

Now, ‘calories’ would be a harmless term just if they are low, right? This is the reason it is not suggested to consume coconut water in excess.

Not Good for Individuals Susceptible to Allergies

A few of us do have allergic reactions. We may be adverse certain food products and ingredients and for this reason, we refrain from consuming them. Similarly, coconut water may cause allergic reactions in specific individuals who are allergic to it.

Coconut is basically a tree nut. Thus certain individuals who take in coconut water may be prone to tree nut allergic reactions in addition to other kinds of allergy. The understatement is coconut water should be kept away from people who are vulnerable to allergic reactions.

It is not the Suitable Drink for Professional Athletes

In case you choose coconut water for rehydration right away post exercise, then you rather drink plain water. Because the quantity of salt plain water contains is unarguably more than that present in coconut water. And hello, it is sodium that help rehydration, right?

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Likewise, when compared to specific sports energy beverages, coconut water is way low on carbohydrate content but ten times high in potassium content. Coconut water just contains one-tenth the sodium when compared to other sports drinks.

Has Diuretic Properties

This is another drawback when you take in excessive of coconut water. Coconut water has diuretic properties. This indicates excessive of its intake might need you to take a break and visit the loo a number of times. Although a mild amount of coconut water has hydrating properties, excessive of its consumption can be unhealthy.

Might Cause Electrolyte Imbalance

The high potassium content of coconut water is one reason it is a marvel drink. But then, the same factor can make coconut water deadly if consumed in excess.

Hyperkalemia causes weakness and lightheadedness, and within minutes the victim may lose his consciousness.

Could Serve as a Laxative

Excessive of coconut water intake can be unsafe. Consuming excessive of it can have laxative effects on your digestive system.

Considering that coconut water is a natural laxative, it may not appropriate for some individuals who have problems with their defecation. Thus, care needs to be taken prior to consuming a big amount of coconut water.

Boosts Blood Sugar

Coconut water might not fall under sweet beverages however still it does consist of carbs and calories. People with blood sugar must give it a miss out on between and not drink it every day. It is preferably not the best choice as an everyday drink.

Coconut waterNot Good for People with Frigid Body

Coconut water certainly cools one’s body. However again, it may not suit people who are cold in nature otherwise. People prone to cold and chill environment need to give it a miss out on because coconut water is cool and it might even more make them cooler.

This in turn may make them struggle with cold more frequently and contribute to their discomfort. This is one of the major side effects of coconut water.

May Lower your Blood Pressure too Much

Coconut water may decrease your blood pressure, and in case you are already taking medications for high blood pressure, it may cause your blood pressure to go way too low. For this reason, keep in mind to consult your healthcare provider in such a scenario.

Ought to Be Consumed Right After Cutting it Open

Coconut water is to be consumed fresh. It must ideally be taken in right after sufficing open. If it is exposed for a long time, it loses all its helpful nutrients. If it loses its nutrients, it is not thought about a healthy drink.

Coconut water is a wonder drink, yes. It may have lots of benefits which are virtually absent in other beverages. And talking in regards to health, it probably is the most preferred drink.

But that doesn’t imply you can end up being a sole survivor of coconut water, does it?

Hope this article was informative enough for you. We would like to know your viewpoint and read your talk about these coconut water side effects. Please leave us your remarks below.

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