Side Effects of Spinach Juice

Side effects of spinach juice

Spinach is among the healthiest vegetables that we can include in our diet as an essential food. It is packed with nutrients and offers a number of health in addition to medical benefits.

However extreme intake of this plant can be unsafe for us as it has some prospective side effects too. But, what are the side effects of spinach juice. And at, we are constantly here to assist.

Side Effects of Spinach Juice

Here are 10 side effects of spinach juice that you ought to know:

Poor Mineral Absorption

Overconsumption of spinach juice can hinder the mineral absorption capacity of our body. The plant includes a lot of oxalic acid, which is known to bind with numerous necessary mineral substances like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and so on.

Due to the fact that of this, our body does not get enough of these aspects to take in. It can obstruct the typical functionality of our system and cause various illness associated with mineral shortage.

Stomach Conditions

Spinach is a rich source of dietary fiber. Eating just a cup of cooked spinach holds almost 5 gm of this nutrient. Even though consumption of fiber benefits healthy digestion, our body requires time to obtain accustomed to it.

Side effects of spinach juiceThat is why, spinach can juice cause a number of stomach conditions, such as gas formation in the abdominal area, bloating, cramps and even constipation when eaten in excess. To prevent this, try to include it in your regular diet slowly.


In the worst case of gastrointestinal distress caused by spinach, you might experience mild to moderate diarrhea. It is mainly reported when you eat extreme quantities of high fiber foods.

For that reason, if you keep taking in spinach juice along with other food products that are high in dietary fiber, the chances are more that you will end up establishing loose motion like conditions in addition to fever and abdominal pain.


Among the side effects of spinach juice likewise cause anemia. Yes, spinach can in some cases make it hard for your body to take in necessary quantity of iron from consumed foods. The leafy veggie itself is filled with nonheme or plant-based iron, which our body can’t take in quickly. This can lead to iron shortage.

Kidney Stones

Spinach juice consists of large amount of purines. It is a particular group of organic substances, when consumed into our body in excess quantity, get transformed into uric acid. It is very bad for the health of our kidney as the existence of extreme uric acid can increase the precipitation of calcium in our kidneys.

As a result, we establish small to medium-sized kidney stones. The oxalic acid content of spinach is likewise accountable for this as it gets combined with the calcium of foods and kinds calcium oxalate precipitation.


As said earlier, spinach is high in purines, which get metabolized inside our body and ultimately increases the quantity of uric acid.

So, if you are currently vulnerable to diseases like gouty arthritis, you should stop extreme spinach intake. Otherwise, you will end up establishing serious joint pain, inflammation and swelling.

Teeth Coarseness

It is one of the typical side effects of eating excessive spinach. The oxalic acid, present in the leaves of the plant, forms small crystals, which does not liquify in water.

For that reason, you may discover your teeth turning a bit coarse or gritty after consuming it. However, this coarseness is temporary and you can eliminate it easily just by brushing your teeth regularly.

Allergic Reactions

Though uncommon, spinach often can cause allergic reactions too. The veggie contains histamine, which can cause some minor pseudoallergic impacts. Immunoglobulin E — moderated allergic reaction to the plant is also rather common.

Hazardous Reactions

It has actually been reported that some entire spinach leaves can cause harmful reactions too. When polluted with Escherichia coli or E. coli by means of organic fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation water, the leafy vegetable can cause specific food-borne disorders like poisoning, which can even lead to death.

Spinach juiceChanges in Anticoagulation

Make sure that you skip spinach while taking the widely known anticoagulant warfarin. It includes high level of Vitamin K, which might respond with the drug and obstruct your hepatic synthesis, impacting particular coagulation aspects substantially.

This had to do with eating too much spinach side effects. So, beware while using spinach juice in your ‘healthy’ diet next time! Stabilize it with other nutritional components to live a healthy, hassle-free life!

Were you aware of these side effects of spinach juice? Do you know of other? Show us in the remarks section below.

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